"While carrying herself with poise and dedication, Andrea's yoga instruction and leadership extends far past the mat. As a messenger and guide of wellness, her inspirational nature leads her students to new levels of understanding and compassion of self and spirit. In concert, Andrea shares a balance between open collaboration and a personal sense of creativity: her guided meditation and yoga practice during the Takoja Retreat provided guests an opportunity to reconnect with nature, self and each other. Andrea's help and insight in developing the Full Moon Ceremony during the Takoja Retreat also provided guests with a balanced introduction to guided breath-work and meditation, creating a beautiful space for all to tap into their sensual and spiritual minds. Takoja was also excited to witness Andrea's sensitivity and care for place, resonating her own practice with the natural environment to inspire guests to reconnect with the spiritual center and energy of the land.
We are so blessed to have Andrea in our circles."

Carrie Montgomery, Director of Programs
Quinlin Messenger, Creative Director
Takoja Institute



"I have been working with Andrea for a year and a half.  In that time both my physical and mental health have improved dramatically. She has become a friend as well as a physical and spiritual guide. It’s difficultto express what a positive influence she has been.  I just can’timagine my life without her."

Paul Pagnone
Piedmont Investment Co.



"I have experienced other Yoga instructor's before. And I do enjoy a good stretch and sweat. I have to say Andrea is the first to make Yoga feel like a true work out to me. Where in the past it felt like breathing exercises. Andrea understands the rhythm of her craft and the experience was true to strength, agility and breath. Andrea made Yoga exciting for me and I can not wait for her next class. Thank you Andrea for sharing your gift and compassion."

Andrew Velázquez



"I always leave Andrea's classes feeling invigorated and amazing! She has an incredible energy and really challenges me to push further in my practice. Since I've started attending her classes, I've noticed my body is stronger and simply more beautiful! I can't thank her enough for her spirit and wisdom. Namaste. I LOVE ANDREA!!!!"

Naomi Matsuda


"Yoga is state of mind, body and spirit... Andrea encompasses all of these qualities. Whether you're new to the practice or looking for a challenge Andrea can guide you in the right direction.. her approach of openness puts all of her students at ease instantly. Don't miss out on an amazing experience.. you will come out feeling grounded and connected to your true self."

Michelle De Vera