The Strongest Symbol Around: The Triangle

I have been asked often what the triangles mean that I had tattooed on my arms.  I think I get asked every week what they mean.  So I figured I would take a moment and get myself writing to explain why and what they mean to me.  There are so many different meanings behind the triangle.  There is the masculine and feminine energies they represent, the fire or the water depending on which way they are facing, the holy trinity, spirit, and strength to name a few.


For myself, my first triangle tattoo represented the Universe as a whole, and it’s resilience.  When you look into triangles you start to understand that no matter how much pressure you put on any of its sides it is impossible to break.  The foundations of a triangle are strong and everything that a triangle needs comes from within.


I had spent many shaky years, falling apart, coming back together, and falling apart again.  It was like I was a triangle but I was missing one side.   I kept looking outside of myself for things to soothe and calm and anything to prop me up and keep me going.


I was in a constant search for self approval, love, support, needing to be seen.  Always looking outside instead of in.  Anytime there was pressure from someone or something I made sure that I held it together.  I became an expert on holding things together, and everyone else.  I was also in a constant state of anxiety and fear.  At any moment one of those sides of my triangle could come crumbling down.  Well, it wasn’t just one side, it was all three that eventually collapsed.  I had reached my limit and exhaustion had taken over on so many levels.


There came a point where every side of my being, my three sides of my triangles, all had collapsed and I found myself completely lost and broken and very alone.  Luckily, I was able to tap into my resiliency.  I was able to go deep into my practice and look within and realized I can source everything from inside me that I needed to carry on.  It was a long journey, and sometimes I still feel as though there is one side of my triangle that needs a little more support.  But it’s those foundations that are strong, that I have built from within, that keep me standing today.


My second tattoo consists of two triangles, representing both the masculine and the feminine.  The fire and the water.  The sun and the moon.  The Yin and the Yang.  Just a reminder to keep my foundations balanced and not to let things get out of control.  


What do triangles mean to you?  Do they have power in your life?